Late last year, Quixote Studios approached Stauffer New Media to build a new, scalable Drupal-powered site to meet their concurrent traffic and eCommerce demands.  In addition to the redesign, let’s take a look at a few custom features in the form of Drupal modules developed by The Fancy Wizard!! .gallery-item {width: 25%;} //  Read More

Some stills from the Frankie Marathon sessions at Perfect Sound Studios in Hollywood.  Read More

Flyingvips is a community of blogs for world business travelers who need advice on hotels, food and recreational opportunities in the various destinations where they spend their time.  Here is a look at the robust WordPress site and custom plugins that power this network of blogs created by The Fancy Wizard!!  Read More

rainbow tentacle? bingo.   Frankie Marathon is a new band.  Check out the sounds on Facebook or at the band’s sweet neon website and thank me in the comments.  Read More