Major League Soccer Drupal Site

Major League Soccer’s official site keeps fans up to date with news, standings, clubs, statistics, players and videos.  While developing with the team at Workhabit Inc, The Fancy Wizard was lucky enough to contribute to the new Drupal version mlssoccer.com as well as several child sites.

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Blackboardeats Mobile Site

Blackboardeats is a free e-mail service delivering exclusive deals at top restaurants in NY, LA and SF handpicked and written by food editors and writers.  BBE needed a mobile optimized site for Android/iPhone/Blackberry that would gracefully degrade for older phones as well.  

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Quixote Drupal Site

Late last year, Quixote Studios approached Stauffer New Media to build a new, scalable Drupal-powered site to meet their concurrent traffic and eCommerce demands.  In addition to the redesign, let’s take a look at a few custom features in the form of Drupal modules developed by The Fancy Wizard!!

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Flyingvips Version 2 Goes Live!

Flyingvips is a community of blogs for world business travelers who need advice on hotels, food and recreational opportunities in the various destinations where they spend their time.  Here is a look at the robust WordPress site and custom plugins that power this network of blogs created by The Fancy Wizard!!

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